Don't Put It Off... Put It On!

Cannon Abrasives is a major supplier to the furniture industry with abrasive products. We have a complete selection of several major brands. These brands include: S.I.A., Hermes, Mirka, Sancap, Standard, and Sungold.

We also carry a complete line of sanding sponges. Sponges are available in various sizes and grits. Sponges are coated in both aluminum oxide and silicone carbide grain to give a variety of finishes. Cannon Paint & Abrasives offers the largest variety of sponges in the abrasive industry. These are available direct from the manufacturer, thereby offering a substantial savings. Grit ranges from 60 to 1200.

Selecting from 5 manufactures of sanding discs gives Cannon Paint & Abrasives the ability to provide the right discs for the sanding requirement. Both backing and grain along with proper size coat makes choosing the right disc for the job our specialty. Discs are available in both cloth and paper backings.